Getting Around

Welcome to Swans Island where you will find everything that Maine is famous for — without the crowds and congestion. Whether you are visiting for a day, a week or the summer you’ll find that our year round and summer residents are welcoming and glad to share their favorite spots and attractions with you.

One of the “special” aspects of our Island is the lack of road signs which may seem odd to newcomers. However, with the following hints and one of the provided MAPS (see below) you’ll be on the way to Fine Sand Beach in no time…


As you leave the Ferry Terminal you will be on Ferry Road. In 3/4 of a mile you will come to an intersection. Here are the main paved roads you will encounter:

  • Turn right and you will be heading east on Atlantic Road. This direction will take you to the Firehouse, Library and to :
    • Atlantic Loop Road
    • East Point Road
    • Red Point Road
  • Turn left and you will be heading west on Atlantic road on the way to Minturn, Swans Island Village, Odd Fellows Hall, Carrying Place beach and Fine Sand Beach. Atlantic Road will lead to:
    • Minturn Road
      • Turn Left onto Minturn Road which leads to :
        • Minturn Loop – Quarry Pond
      • Stanley Point Road
  • Continue west on Atlantic road and you will come to the Odd Fellows Hall and an intersection.
    Turn left to:|
    • Harbor Road which leads to Swans Island Village, and the lighthouse
  • Turn Right to:
    • North Road which leads to:
    • TIMS – our fabulous grocery store
    • Carrying Place beach
    • Jericho Bay Road (unpaved) to Fine Sand Beach
    • Island Retreat Road (unpaved)
    • The Transfer Station

Be sure to read about our Island Attractions on the Visit Swans Island page!

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