Webcam Project

Multiple cameras have been installed in the Lantern Room of the Lighthouse Tower to provide near real-time scenic views to all users of the BCHL website as part of our webcam project.

The installation was approved by the Coast Guard and by the State Historic Preservation Office. It has been configured to minimize any changes to the appearance of the Tower. All components are weatherproof and attached inside the structure using magnets or other easily removed methods. The Scenic cameras point towards Burnt Coat Harbor and Heron Island.

The Goals Of The WebCam Project Are To:

  • Offer scenic views from the Lantern Room to those who cannot physically be present in the Tower.
  • Provide year-round views of the seasonal changes to the Tower environment for all visitors, friends of the lighthouse, and Swans Island residents.
  • Provide useful visual information to Island fishers.
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