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Since the Light Station is on an island, it takes some planning to visit us. We’ve gathered all the travel information you need about getting to the island and some basic travel logistics.

Getting To Swan’s Island By Ferry

You can reach Swan’s Island by Maine State Ferry service. The ferry makes several round trips each day between Bass Harbor and Swan’s Island. The trip takes about 30 minutes each way. The Light Station is about 3.5 miles from the ferry landing.

You can drive your car onto the ferry, take your bicycle, or walk on. Continue reading for information you need to know about making a ferry reservation and getting on to the ferry. For an up-to-date schedule with fares, visit

Where Do I Get The Ferry?
The ferry leaves from the Bass Harbor Ferry Terminal at 45 Granville Rd., Tremont, ME. Phone 207-244-3254.

How Often Does The Ferry Run?
Most days, the ferry makes six round trips. The last ferry from the island back to Bass Harbor is at 4:30 pm. Be aware that ferry runs can sometimes be canceled or delayed because of weather conditions, medical emergencies, or equipment malfunctions. See Maine State Ferry Service website for timetable, fares, travel information, and phone numbers.

Can I Bring My Car To The Island?
The ferry usually can take 17 cars. There are four reservations available for each ferry trip. You can make a reservation up to 30 days in advance. If you are bringing your car to the island, it is highly advisable to have a reservation both ways. If you miss getting your car onto the 4:30 PM ferry, which is the last ferry back to Bass Harbor, your car will be spending the night on the island.

I Have A Reservation To Bring My Car. What Do I Need To Know?
Pull into the marked reservation area at the front of the ferry line. Then, go into the ferry terminal to confirm your reservation. You must check-in 15 minutes before the ferry’s departure time.

If you miss by even one minute, you will have to go to the back of the line. The clock in the ferry terminal is the one that counts. Play it safe! Be in line and check-in at the service window at least 20 minutes before departure.

What Do I Need To Know If I Want To Bring My Car But Have No Reservation?
Park at the end of the ferry line. Then, buy a ticket.

Is There Parking At The Ferry Terminal?
There is parking near the ferry terminal at Bass Harbor and also on the island. During the summer months, there is a parking fee for the Bass Harbor parking lot. Pay inside the ferry terminal for your parking permit.

What Do I Need To Know If I Want To Travel To The Island Without My Car?
You do not need a reservation to be a walk-on passenger. You should be at the ferry terminal 15 minutes before the scheduled departure time. If you plan to return to the mainland immediately (i.e., a round trip without staying on the island), check out the Excursion Ticket fares, which are less expensive than a regular round trip ticket. If you take the last morning boat to the island and the first-afternoon boat back to the mainland, you will have about an hour and a half to walk around on the island.

What About Bicycles?
There are about 20 miles of paved roads on the island. All island attractions are accessible by bicycle. However, roads are narrow, and some are quite busy. Cyclists need to exercise care and observe the rules of the road.

Is Transportation Available On The Island?
There is no bus or taxi service on the island.

Are Dogs Allowed On The Island?
Yes, but dogs must be kept on a leash when on public property.

Getting To Swan’s Island By Private Boat
Moorings are available in Burnt Coat Harbor (near the lighthouse) and Mackerel Cove (adjacent to the ferry terminal). The irregular shoreline provides interesting views and perspectives. The harbors provide secure anchorages for visiting boaters.

For more information on moorings and other secure anchorages around Swan’s Island, refer to standard cruising guides. For harbor anchorages, contact harbor master Josh Joyce at 207-266-1937.

Places to Stay and Eat

Where Can I Stay On The Island?

The Harbor Watch Inn is centrally located at 111 Minturn Road. Rooms are available by reservation year-round.

How About Rentals? The upstairs apartment at the keeper’s house is available for rental. Rent the Keeper’s House Apartment

Additional rental properties are available, and there are listings on several websites. For local travel information, check out, also on Facebook.

Several properties are listed on the Town website,

Camping & Campfires
There are no public campsites on the island. There are Maine Island Trail Association campsites on and around Swan’s Island. These are pack-in, pack-out campsites (no facilities) that will accommodate one or two small tents.

Contact Maine Island Trail Association for more travel information. Campfires are allowed only with permission from the fire chief. In the summertime, campfires usually are not permitted.


The island’s general store, The Island Market & Supply (TIMS), is open year-round. TIMS offers a limited takeout selection year-round. Outside tables are available in the summer.

The address is 40 North Road. It is on the left, just past the Historical Society. Proprietors Brian and Kathy Krafjack can be reached at 207-526-4043.

Special Events
Check the bulletin board at the Town Office for special events such as concerts, church suppers, pot-luck lunches and dinners, concerts, and community celebrations.

Shopping for Food and Gas

The Island Market & Supply (TIMS)

There is a small but well-stocked general store, TIMS  (The Island Market and Supply), open year-round. TIMS has a good supply of almost everything you need on the island. If the grocery item you are looking for is not on the shelves, TIMS’ friendly helpers can usually order it and have it for you the next day.

Also, you can buy absolutely the freshest local seafood and clams at TIMS. Follow The Island Market & Supply on Facebook for daily bulletins on what is coming in on the supply truck. TIMS is open every day. Check Facebook for travel information and open hours.


You can buy fresh lobsters caught by local fisherman at several locations on Swans Island including: TIMS, The Fisherman’s COOP, Kent’s Wharf, and Trafton’s Wharf.

Where Can I Buy Beer Or Wine?
Not on Swan’s Island. This is a dry island. No alcoholic beverages are sold on the island, and no public consumption of alcoholic beverages is allowed.

Where Can I Buy Gas?

You can buy gas at the Fisherman’s Co-op, 15 Morses Hill Rd., or at Kent’s Wharf, 31 Steamboat Hill.

Swans Island Churches

Atlantic Baptist Church
417 Atlantic Road

Church Of God
76 Rose Hill Road

Advent Christian Church
192 Minturn Road


Restrooms are available at the ferry terminal, the library, the Town Office, and the keeper’s house when open. There is a vault toilet next to the summit parking lot in the lighthouse park.

ADA Accessibility

There is a short handicapped-accessible trail on Hockamock Head. About 150′ long, it goes to the summit of Hockamock Head, where there is a natural stone bench and panoramic views. The keeper’s house is handicapped-accessible from the light station parking area.

There is a handicapped-accessible vault toilet adjacent to the Hockamock Head summit parking area. When the keeper’s house is open, there is a handicapped-accessible toilet in the house. Picnic tables at Mill Pond Park are accessible. See map.

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